Pierrot and Valentine's Day, gift ideas and advice: we tell you everything.

Who says February says Valentine's Day: the gifts, the candlelight evening, the good dinner, you and your partner in your most beautiful outfit and love. However, this evening which promises to be so beautiful is often a source of stress when we organize it: “is this the right gift?”, “will I please him in this outfit?”, “is the meal will he like it?”

We won't be able to solve your cooking problems, but this year the Pierrot team offers you, ladies, the five essential gift ideas, and to you gentlemen our “tips and tricks” to have a top look for the evening.

Pierrot’s five gift ideas!

It's time to think about gifts for your other half. If you are looking for quality gifts made in France, then the Pierrot brand is for you. This brand offers a wide range of men's items, combining style and comfort. 


A flagship accessory of the brand, our suspenders are made from top quality materials, thus offering a long life to your favorite fashion accessory. With a variety of colors and patterns available, you're sure to find the right accessory.


Pierrot belts, in leather or braided, are elegant and practical. We offer a wide selection of sizes and colors so you can choose the perfect style for your other half. They are made in France from quality materials, guaranteeing foolproof durability.

The hats

Nothing better for a winter day than wearing a comfortable and warm hat, to keep your ears protected. There are all colors, enough to please him without making a mistake. 


Just like the hat, the scarf is the essential accessory for winter. Soft and warm, Pierrot scarves are perfect for winter. Made in France, with quality materials and in many colors, they are the ideal gift for him.


The wallet is probably one of the most timeless accessories for men and it remains a sure value as a gift. Pierrot offers you a range of elegant and practical leather wallets. You can not be wrong.

Pierrot’s “tips and tricks” for looking your best!

Do you want to impress the lady with a top trendy outfit, but you don't know where to start? No problem, here are some tips that you can easily apply. A “Pierrot” accessory can add that little something to your outfit that will make it look great. 

For a chic look, opt for a suit and a belt: simple, effective and it's a safe bet. If you prefer a casual look, jeans and a shirt will do the trick, add a pair of suspenders for a trendy and vintage look.

Be careful, you should definitely not wear suspenders with a belt, this would be a “fashion faux pas” 

Women are seduced by men who have taste and who care about their appearance, so gentlemen do not hesitate and assert your style.

Whether you are looking for suspenders, belts, hats, scarves or wallets, at Pierrot you will find quality items, made in France, ideal for a gift or to look classy.