Suspenders: much more than a trendy fashion accessory!

France is renowned for its fashion history, and continues to be at the top of trends today. Suspenders are one of the accessories that are coming back to the forefront, so Pierrot tells you everything. 

A little history 

Fashion is always starting over and suspenders are a perfect example. A legendary accessory, they were originally used to hold pants which, at the time, did not yet have belt loops. We distinguished workers' suspenders, often made of fabric, and bourgeois suspenders, in more noble materials such as leather. 

Popularized in the 1920s and 1930s by iconic figures like Al Capone, suspenders are worn by gentlemen of all generations. They are an essential fashion accessory, both practical, comfortable and elegant.

Today there are different types of straps: Y-shaped or X-shaped; fine, mid-large, large or extra; those colored or more discreet in leather; patterned or plain; there are so many possible choices that it leaves a multitude of combinations to have the best style. We have moved from practical straps to aesthetic straps. 

It's a matter of style 

The big question is what style to wear suspenders with? The answers are multiple, but Pierrot's suspenders can be used in any situation. 

Whether it's an everyday style or for special occasions, suspenders will complete your outfit and bring that little “something” that changes everything. This accessory, formerly hidden and considered as underwear, is now more and more revealed, which brings character to all looks. 

Whether for a wedding, a gala, a work evening or a cocktail, suspenders will be your best allies.

Here are some ways to find your style!

For a neat, yet casual look, opt for mid-wide clip-on suspenders. They can be in leather or fabric, plain or with discreet patterns.

For a chic and offbeat look, a pair of color will bring a distinctive touch to your outfit.  

For a look that brings out your charisma, a black pair with leather finishes will look great. Matched with a white shirt and a nice suit, you are sure not to go wrong.

Finally, for a vintage and retro look, suspenders are a must have. It will be the original touch that will set you apart. Wearing Pierrot means daring and asserting your style.   

Pierrot's little tips  

Wearing suspenders is not easy, here are our tips to look your best without any false notes. 

The first thing to know is that it is “forbidden” to wear suspenders and a belt. It’s a fashion faux pas and you would think you don’t have confidence in your pants.😉

Then, you can match your straps to the shoes in order to match the material or color, be free to make your choices. 

To enhance your outfits, accompany them with a hat. Be careful, you should not overuse accessories, just as you should not overuse colors. There must be real harmony in order to bring out the full potential of your look.  

The little extra that will make you smile: know that wearing braces is good for the health of your back, because you have to stand up straight. And yes, wearing suspenders is only good!