Quality, craftsmanship and elegance.

At Pierrot, we are committed to revolutionizing the world of fashion which, today, favors low prices and quantity to the detriment of quality. We are determined to bring quality, craftsmanship and elegance back to the forefront. We are committed to offering sustainable products, handcrafted with noble materials, while respecting workers and using ethical and responsible production methods.

100% artisanal and ethical manufacturing.

All our products are handmade by skilled artisans in France, guaranteeing impeccable quality and particular attention to detail. We respect human production rhythms and avoid assembly line work to guarantee fair treatment for all our employees.

Impeccable quality.

We only use noble and durable materials to guarantee unfailing strength and comfort. Quality is our top priority, which is why we ensure that each product meets the highest standards of quality to ensure your satisfaction over time.

Restore access to the right products.

We believe that quality should not be a luxury reserved for an elite. That's why we offer products at a fair price, reflecting the true value for money of our products. We strive to offer prices accessible to as many people as possible, without compromising the quality or know-how of our creators.

A committed brand

Noble and sustainable materials・Use of noble and sustainable materials to protect the environment and guarantee unfailing solidity and comfort.

Ethical manufacturing and fair processing・We ensure that all stages of production of our products meet high standards of fair processing and social responsibility.

Affordable quality・Products at a fair price, accessible to as many people as possible without compromising the quality or know-how of our creators. Guaranteeing fair access to quality products for all our customers.

We like to work local

Our commitment to local production is reflected in the manufacturing of our products in different workshops spread throughout France, from Mazamet to Montpellier via Lyon, Les Vilettes... We use raw materials from France, Italy, Spain, Germany and Belgium, thus guaranteeing impeccable quality. This contributes to the reindustrialization of France and Europe.

Our choice of local production has ecological advantages, such as the reduction of carbon emissions linked to transport and the use of nearby raw materials, thus contributing to more responsible and environmentally friendly consumption by choosing Pierrot.

Pierrot, his story:

Pierrot is the story of a man who lived through the First World War and came out stronger and more determined than ever. He then took full advantage of the Roaring Twenties, living every moment with elegance and daring. He is a gentleman at heart, taking care of his appearance, elegant, and proud of his "Gangster Chic" style.

He has kept his liveliness of mind, his sense of persuasion and his family spirit. He continues to live his life as he wishes, surrounded by his loved ones and his memories which still make his friends dream. He became a master in the art of entertaining and seducing, always accompanied by an accessory symbolizing his time.

He decided to create his clothing brand to support all men in their quest for style, confidence and elegance, it is the gift he wants to give to everyone.

Pierrot's legacy

Pierrot, its founder:

Hubert Martin, Founder:

"The birth of Pierrot took place in the spring of 2020 while I was experiencing the unprecedented situation of confinement. It is a particular context which pushes the entrepreneur that I am to question myself while opening up new economic perspectives. 

Pierrot then became obvious to me because I have always defended Made In France know-how. Seduced by the quality of the products made in small-scale companies, I was eager to take part in a new adventure: creating a funky, ethical and responsible accessories brand. To complete the loop, I decided to entrust its manufacturing to the best craftsmen."